Water Tank Downpipe Diverter
Water Tank Downpipe Diverter

Water Tank Downpipe Diverter

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The Water Tank Downpipe Diverter provides a simple yet effective solution for the collection of rainwater from your roof and into your water tank.

The Diverter itself is 108mm x 103mm and, as such, can accommodate both a rectangular (up to 100mm wide) and circular (up to 100mm in diameter) downpipe.

The Diverter works by collecting the bulk of rainwater flowing through the downpipe and funneling it, through a tube, into the body of the water tank. When the tank is full, excess water is then redirected back through the Diverter and into the downpipe (to prevent tank overflow).


  • Fits most conventional downpipes
  • Provides overflow protection for your tank
  • Simple to install


  • Dimensions:  10cm x 10cm x 58cm (tube)
  • Weight: 250g
  • Construction: Recycled plastic


Click here to download Downpipe Diverter instructions