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Small Planter
Small Planter
Small Planter
Small Planter

Small Planter

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Self-watering, sub-irrigated planters

Say goodbye to weeding and daily watering with our self-watering planters from Korea. 

Our self-watering planters consists of a planter, water reservoir, bug trays and wick rod covered with micro fabric cloth. Simply fill the water reservoir at bottom of the planter, and plant feeds water by itself. 

The small planter is great for growing herbs and smaller plants. Small planter size 600x220x220 mm, wick size 100 mm.

Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly polypropylene material.


  • Top up the water reservoir every 10-15 days or as needed
  • Use a good quality potting mix and fill planter to the top 
  • Use a good quality fertilizer
  • Plant the same type of vegetable in a planter, or if you want to mix it up make sure you plant vegetables that need the same amount of water ie leeks and spring onions
  • Remember we aren't the only ones who love vegetables! Treat pests immediately to avoid damage to your crops.