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Aerobin 200L Home Composter
Aerobin 200L Home Composter
Aerobin 200L Home Composter
Aerobin 200L Home Composter

Aerobin 200L Home Composter

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  • Lid & Walls are insulated - supports year round composting
  • Quick composting with no manual intervention - air is distributed thru the biomass by the patented aeration lung
  • Composts all kitchen & garden organics. Leachate (Compost Tea) is collected, providing a free natural fertiliser.
  • Simulate composting to better understand how your ingredients (biomass) will perform before starting the process - our website carries a Compost Simulator.
  • Rodent resistant

Aerobin is the worlds most advanced static home composter, embodying innovation, technology, design, engineering, quality and most importantly nature. Aerobin supports aerobic composting which experts claim is the preferred method to compost, which will contribute in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Aerobin imitates nature and will hasten the decomposition process producing healthy organic compost - so all household organics from both your kitchen and your gardens and lawns can be composted at home. Aerobin has been tested and proven to achieve the highest performance in composting against world ranking compost devices by Swinburne University, Melbourne and has obtained worldwide endorsements.


Model Name 200 Litre Aerobin Home Composter
Model Number 200L
Material Plastic - Virgin Polymer Blend - PP + HDPE
Colour Brunswick Green
Weight 15kg
Capacity (cu. Mtr) 200
Covered (Yes/no) Yes
Odorless (Yes/no) Yes
Assembly Required Yes


Product Dimensions

Width 510mm
Height 1175mm
Length 510mm


Package Dimensions

Package 1
Width 530mm
Height 485mm
Length 550mm


Total weight: 15kg


Auckland: $5
Short Haul (Whangarei down to Hamilton, Rotorua, and Whakatane): $15
North Island: $25
South Island: $44

(Please note, it's an extra $6 for rural addresses)