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How to grow chillies in self-watering pots + make your own chilli powder!

Chillies growing in self-watering planter pot

Growing Chillies in Self-Watering/Sub-Irrigation Pots

Out of all the plants we've grown in this planter, chilies would have to be the most productive yield so far. Chillie plants like lots of water. Evergrow pots deliver the perfect amount of water 24/7. The wicking technology is a multiple award system to go the most healthiest organic plants in the quickest possible time, these are perfect for urban farms or those with little space. If you'd like to find out more about the technology read below. 

Smart Wicking Technology 

The wick sits in the soil and draws water up from the reservoir below, it disperses water into the soil and allows plants to drink as much water as they need, creating an environment for them to thrive in. 


harvested organic chilli plants grown in self watering planter pots

Grow Organic Chillis easily at home 

With minimal effort we grew a bumper crop of chilies our first time trying, we found it to be super easy. Fear not, no chili went to waste! we dehydrated all of them and crushed them up to make chili powder, we're so addicted to it now and use it on almost everything (It goes especially well in fish taco's!) 

Want to your own chilies?

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