9 Weird Things You Can Actually Compost

9 weird things you can actually compost

Here are 9 weird things you can actually compost. Comment bellow if you know anything else weird you can compost!

1. Fur, hair and nail clippings

Be it pet or human derived hair, or even fingernail clippings, pop it on the pile. The material biodegrades quite quickly.   

2. Bamboo and cornstarch tooth brushes

Please make sure you remove your bristles before throwing your tooth brush into your compost. 

3. Dryer lint from clothing made from natural fibres

Dryer lint is only compostable if all of the material you are drying is 100% natural fibre like organic cotton. Most clothing is made from synthetic fibres that are not compostable and actually pollute the environment. So before you start chucking dryer lint into the pile, make sure you’ve only dried natural fibres.

4. Natural wine corks

If you’d really like to hide the evidence of how much you love the vino, recycle or reuse the bottles and then throw the natural corks into the compost bin. The natural cork will biodegrade and no one will be the wiser. Then you can get back to drinking!

5. Some food packaging 

Save the world one chocolate bar at a time. Trade Aid's chocolate isn't just incredibly delicious, it's also incredibly sustainable with 100% compostable packaging. 
Many food companies are starting to use compostable packaging such as Ceres Organics, they have re-packaged their white quinoa in a compostable pouch, a step in the right direction!

6.  Bamboo, 100% Cotton and Cardboard Q-tips

After you've given your ears a good clean, you can throw that waxy Q-tip straight into your compost, yum!

7. Coffee grounds and paper filters

After brewing your morning cup, don’t throw out those grounds! Used coffee grounds and even paper coffee filters make a great addition to your compost pile; doing so is a great way to reduce waste. Some coffee bags, like those from Kokako can also be composted. 

8. Vacuum bags and vacuum dust

As long as there aren’t large pieces of non-compostable material in your vacuum debris (bits of plastic, beads, etc.), you can just add the contents of your vacuum bag into your compost. Most household debris is made up of dust, dry skin (OK, ewww) and hair – all readily biodegradable in your bin.
Maze compostable rubbish bins

9. Maze Rubbish bags

Maze organic rubbish bags  decompose within weeks of being added to your compost bin.



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