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Introducing The All-In-One Self-Watering Planter

Allow your plants to access as much water as they need

Easily grow your own organic vegetables and herbs

Create your own urban farm and have access to a healthy food source

Award Winning Self-Watering Planters from Korea

Do you have trouble growing good quality vegetables? Not sure how much to water them?  Or forget to water them? Our Evergrow Self-Watering Planters take care of these issues for you by delivering the perfect amount of water 24/7. The results speak for themselves, check out our testimonials from our happy customers below. P.S. Hardly any weeds either!

What Our Customers Have To Say

I own the Velvet Gypsy Restaurant and Bar in Browns Bay and we use a lot of mint in cocktails. We trialled the medium self watering planter to great effect. Increased yield, better plant retention and a much better product. Who wouldn't want a mojito where you can watch the bar person picking the mint fresh in front of you! 

Andrew, Auckland - Medium Planter

I love my planters my spring onions just keep going and going, have been rewarded for months now and just planted a courgette as had no success in different planter, am truely amazed at growth rate.

Heather, Bay Of Plenty - Small Planter

Herbs, tomatoes and flowers all in the one pot. And all growing beautifully. I love these planters and I have no worries of going away and leaving them to water themselves. Best planters that I’ve bought. 

Rebecca, Waikato - Large Planter

I purchased a medium planter + greenhouse cover late last year. It worked so well & produced so much basil, we made multiple batches of walnut/pinenut pesto. Love it!

James, Auckland - Medium Planter

Self-Watering Planters 101

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